Upcoming Seminars

  • CCP - Close Combat Pistol
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    Sat, May 28
    Fort Meade, FL
    The CCP course is our foundational course and first module which deals with developing the fundamental skills necessary to be able to utilize a pistol at contact distance under stress.
  • EDC - Everyday Carry Combatives
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    Sat, Jun 25
    RBC HQ Auburndale, FL
    This module in the RBC Combatives curriculum focuses on scenarios and decision making. In this course we will continue on where the CCP course left off and combine it with additional elements to round out the students skills.
  • ICP - Intermediate Combat Pistol
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    Sat, Jul 30
    Fort Meade, FL
    The ICP course builds on the fundamental principles of the foundational CCP course but then adds in use of cover, control of cover, ambush and counter ambush techniques related to use of cover.
  • Warrior Poet Society - 1 Man Room Clearing
    Sun, Oct 23
    This is one of Warrior Poet Society’s most under-valued courses, as many think it’s only something for SWAT teams and military members.
  • Warrior Poet Society - EDC Combatives
    Tue, Oct 25
    This 2 day course introduces the fundamentals of SOCP (Special Operations Combatives Program), as well as techniques from other combat-focused disciplines designed to meet the threats of day to day civilian life.