ZULU_Ops Grappling Holster

After spending hundreds of dollars on holsters and going through various different designs I found that there were certain traits that were necessary for a good holster to be great, and unfortunately, none had them all. I covered these traits in my last article and at the same time was working with a local retired SF veteran on a design that was specifically designed for grappling and combatives. Mike, with ZULU_Ops Tactical Solutions was more than patient and we both put in time, money and energy as well as both our experiences in our respective fields to develop a solution. The answer came in a dual shell, adjustable retention kydex holster at a reasonable price of $75 (with pad option, which I highly recommend).

Carbon fiber look shown here with pad attached.


The first thing you are going to notice right off the bat in the quality of the holster. Mike has the capability to do custom printing, logos and designs on your holster as well as various different colors. The thickness of the kydex is substantially thicker than the next best holster I reviewed. This was important to me because I have seen kydex deformed as a result of hard grappling over a gun.

The belt hooks were suggested by Mike as a means to accomplish a higher level of retention on the belt. I mentioned in the previous article how many holsters I have seen ripped from the pants still attached to the gun under force on force conditions. The hooks had to feature what I referred to as a retention ramp design to redirect the forces on the belt back into the hook and transmit that force into the shell. Mike proposed a particular clip design that not only was thicker and more durable but also has a recess that would accomplish the same task. After utilizing them and seeing them in action I can tell you, he was right.

The clips are among the best I've ever used.

The next thing that was important to me was the mounting of the hooks. Each belt hook had to have two points of attachment to the holster to prevent rotating and twisting. I showed some pictures in the original article of these hooks getting twisted and causing issues with retention. Thus, we needed to make sure that not only were the hooks of sufficient durability, and the kydex of sufficient thickness but the mounting points had to be capable of performing their tasks equally well. They feature a straight design, versus some of the competitors offset designs, which actually help reduce the overall profile of the holster quite a bit. Leading to the next topic, concealability.