Self-Examination is not Asceticism

This morning I woke up and did my morning routine. I spent some time in prayer, I spent some time in the Word, I participated in some group devotions with some other brothers in Christ on the YouVersion Bible App and got started on my day. I spent a few minutes on Instagram and Facebook just to see which way the wind was blowing and came across a meme that caught my eye:

The point I took from meme was that each one of us needed to self-reflect to ensure that WE were not the narcissist in question. However, as the responses began to come in, they reflected another perspective. Namely that other people are always the narcissists and we’ve got your number. But as the hypocrisy of the position began to sink into to me, I began to question my own motives for even posting such a meme to begin with. Then a very poignant comment came in… How do we know when we are being overly self-critical to the point of asceticism (self-harm).

I started my morning working training regime with some warmup. Timed drills accessing my weapon from concealment mixed with alternating striking drills on a heavy bag. After completing that I got busy on the harder work, ultimately culminating in my HIIT WOD:

Individual dumbbell cleans, both sides (25#)

Two hand dumbbell curls (2x25#)

Lying down tricep extensions (2x25#)

Lunges (2x25#)

Two hand exercises the reps count as one, individual exercises such as cleans and lunges have to be done each side (ie: left side + right side = 1 rep)

The reps start with 15, 12, 9, 6, 3. So you have to do all the exercises in order at 15 reps, then go back through again at 12 reps, then 9, then 6, then 3. You can rest whenever you want but the time limit is 10 mins for everything.