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Mobil Training on the way

One of the most frequently asks do questions I get is about offering classes in other states. The problem lies in the expense of me traveling from Florida to California or New York or somewhere else with all the gear I need, then to arrive and obtain a hotel, rental car, food and any expenses, the cost often times outs the class out of reach.

After much prayer though I feel the solutions lies in this.

This is my old racing trailer from when I used to roadrace motorcycles. I’ve been using it for years as simply storage space but I’ve now started repurposing it as a Mobil training platform.

After replacing and repairing the plywood decking I added vinyl flooring. The intent here is to remove as many items that make state to state teaching so cost prohibitive by bringing everything I need with me. By not going out and purchasing an RV I can keep away from payments that will increase costs.

This is the direction I’m working towards with RBC. I’ll keep you updated as I go. If anyone is interested in joining this effort you can join up on Patreon and benefit from hundreds of videos and discussions or merely donate through Patreon. As always thanks to all those who have supported this effort.


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