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Big Red Wife’s journal on our maiden voyage

RBC Seminar - Arlington, TX BigRedWife’s Daily Journal DAY 1: Wednesday Aug. 28, 2019 Started driving to TX - Ben locked his keys in the trailer.Ben drove to Lkld Airport to get spare key from Kyle.Didn’t leave until 11:45 amA/C went out a few times in the truck.No paper towels or working air dryers in bathrooms at RacetracRaceTrac didn’t have Ben’s nutsSteak N Shake no longer makes my turkey clubSpent night at KOA in Milton, FL. We tried 4 different sites outlets/plug-ins before one worked and didn’t trip the GFI breaker. (We parked in one site and was plugged into the neighboring site. Hoping for a better day tomorrow..... DAY 2 Thursday Aug. 29, 2019 Drove from Milton, FL to Arlington, TX Woke up early. My back/hips hurt. Ben’s shoulders hurtPacking up went smoothly, but Maintenance guy tried to confront Ben about us being parked in the site. Ben set his butt straight. Guy apologized.Drive went well. Truck ran good. Roads throughout AL, MS & TX were like having speed bumps in the road. Top speed was 65. I had a migraine, but Excedrine helped.Stopped at Walmart to get bug bombs for trailer. Ants EVERYWHERE. Bombed as we drove. Cleaned at gas stop.Got to Cedar Hill State Park at 9:20 pm. No one was working. GFI breaker kept tripping. Tried different sites again to no avail. Left campsite and went to WalMart to get adapter. Came back (10:30) to locked gates and NO access code. Some very sketchy Mexican men were waiting for us to open the gate and when Ben confronted them, they didn’t know the code either and were not sober. Left Cedar Hill and found another KOA. Really nice facility, but no shade. Ben plugged in adapters and WE HAVE POWER!!Ben is beyond exhausted and used our literally blew up in his face! The poor fella had his own urine all over him. Ben took a much needed shower and crawled straight into bed. It’s almost 1:00am and I’m just crawling into bed myself...hungry.Hoping for an even better day tomorrow... God willing DAY 3 KOA Dallas/Arlington Fri. Aug. 30, 2019 OUUUUCCCHHHHH back and hips outta whack! Very little sleep. Freezing cold in trailer. Super nice and clean bathrooms/showers and laundry area.Decided to stay here another night and head back home straight after tomorrow’s seminar. We changed sites (within same KOA). Met our neighbor, Adam. He and his family are from Canada EH! Very nice and more talkative than ME!! His German Shepherd is adorable and he allowed Ben and I to love on her. Called Cedar Hill State Park regarding us being locked out and no one working at the time we arrived. They gave us a full refund! PTL!🙏🏻❤️Had lunch with Zac and Hope and their son Wolf(y). Super nice people, same mindset as Ben and I. We ate Vietnamese food. It was good.Ben is sleeping before tonight’s seminar. Poor guy is exhausted from the long drive. Praying for him now. Seminar went really good. Great feed back from the attendees. Ben dislocated Zac’s shoulder...oops. Was able to put it back in place.It’s a little after 10pm, need to eat dinner...I’m starving! DAY 4 Saturday Aug. 31, 2019 Woke up at 6am. Didn’t hurt as much (PTL🙌🏻). Really like the bathroom facilities here. Met a sister in Christ while getting ready in the ladies room this morning. Shalli is her name. Same age as me and she is a worship singer for her church. She also prayed for me to have some grandbabies soon. 😁Loaded up campsite and went to Day 2 of the seminar. It went FANTASTIC!! Everyone went on and on about the high level of teaching. HThey told Ben that even the “well-known” instructors, do not even come close to the level of teaching Ben does. We ate lunch as a class and had great conversation. Justin’s reaction to the teaser was HILARIOUS! Great training!Class ended with no injuries(PTL). Everyone wanted to keep talking to Ben (who wouldn’t, he’s a delight😉). We were able to fellowship with fellow Christians at the seminar. Our hearts are full. 🙏🏻❤️Ben and I decided to stay at KOA Arlington again for the night, since Hurricane Dorian isn’t much of a threat anymore.We are tired, we lost our butts (monetary wise) big time on this trip, but we gained new friendships with fellow Christ followers. God is good!Now it’s 9:30pm and we are about to relax and eat dinner. DAY 5 Leaving Arlington, TX Sun. Sept. 1, 2019 Woke up at 7am. Back and hips hurt. 😔 We decided to head home today, since Hurricane Dorian is now a Cat 5. Took a shower. Did laundry and ate breakfast. KOA hosted a pancake breakfast (all you can eat) for a donation that goes to the Cancer Center for Children. Some people from Canada donated a case of maple was delicious! Cleaned up campsite and got on the road heading home by 11:15am. Our time was short and “go go go” here in TX, but worth the frustrating drive here. Although we weren’t able to sightsee (Waco, etc.), God’s Will was done and new friendships were made. Looking forward to coming back and training again with these awesome people. Drove for 12+ hrs. Traffic was light. Pulled in at the KOA Milton, FL campsite at midnight. DAY 6 Leaving KOA Milton, FL Mon. Sept. 2, 2019 (Labor Day) Woke up at 7:30, hurting again. Ben and I will make some adjustments to our sleeping situation when we get home.Checked out and started heading home at 10:30am. Ben made breakfast and we pretty much have a system down now, living out of the PoorMan’s RV.We both really enjoy staying at the KOA’s. They’re super clean and accommodating for all of our needs. (#FirstWorldproblems) It truly is a “community” staying in a campground. Everyone is just relaxing and friendly, but not bothersome. Hopefully this is the last leg of our trip. We should be home in 6+ hours. We shall see how Hurricane Dorian will affect us. Fan motor for the truck’s A/C stopped working. 🤷‍♀️ Went over a bump and the A/C started working like normal again. 🙏🏻🙌🏻We have 1.5 hrs to go before we are home. Both Ben and I are exhausted. The adrenaline rush is crashing the closer we get to home. Dorian doesn’t look like it will impact us very hard, if at all. Overall the trip was fun and a blessing. Praying for God to continue to guide us if this is the path we are to take.7:30pm. FINALLY HOME!!

Thank you kindly,Cindy  Psalms 144:1

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