You guys bought up all my helmets in 24 hours. I have a few blems that are full functioning helmets but maybe had some cosmetic blems (stitching of the patches, nick in the cage - not eye shield, things like that). Nothing on these that effects the function or safety of the helmet.



You guys have been asking for it so here it is. The RBC FoF Helmet. Fully adjustable for all head sizes. Length of travel adjustment on chin strap. Newly designed cage. Coated stainless steel mouth guard and clear polycarbonate eye shield.


This helmet was designed and tested by our classes over the last 5 years. It has gone through multiple upgrades and revisions based on feedback and now its ready to go. At LESS than HALF the cost of the competitors this helmet allows for full contact force on force training with airsoft and suitable knife trainers. Capable of sustaining countless point blank shots without failing we had to be sure it was solid before we released it.


Now you can implement force on force into your training without the expensive costs associated with other designs. This is the basis for #showyourwork. Get out there and train!!!


Cage can be removed for boxing and kickboxing work and reattached for weapons based training.

RBC Force on Force Helmet BLEMS

  • The blem helmets are bought as-is.